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French Christmas Celebration Part 2

From history, France is catholic country which is why Christmas was celebrated. Nowadays, though it remains a catholic celebration, Christmas in France is more of a custom and is part of French culture. A lot of French people who celebrate Christmas in France are not catholic. They still gather with family and have a Christmas tree.

French Christmas Celebration Part 2

Apart from Easter, Christmas is probably the most important Catholic celebration of the year, and there is, like in most European countries, a Midnight Mass held in France. More and more people would rather go on the 25th though.

However, there is another famous celebration in some parts of France: la Saint-Nicolas. On December 6th, the traditional French version of Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, distributes sweets and gifts to children. Remember his scary sidekick though: le Père Fouettard!

On this page you can read some fun facts about Christmas around the world. Read how kids celebrate Christmas in different parts of the world and get some interesting insights about Christmas traditions and celebrations.

These parties are free to join for anyone with a Santa costume. Kick off a fun old family Christmas by heading to bars that host Xmas Carol Mega parties. A trip to Morzine, is a great way to enjoy a cocktail of a traditional yet contemporary France Christmas celebration.

This was due to the flock of immigrants fleeing from the regions of Lorraine and Alsace. People who refused to become Prussian had to leave their homeland. They brought with them the Germanic tradition of the tree. Therefore by the 1930s, the tree had become part of the Christmas celebrations in every French household.

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