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Nooks On Sale At Best Buy UPD

Between this, some sales of refurbished Nooks for $99, clearance sales on Kobo e-readers at closing Borders stores, and the new ad-supported Kindle 3 Wi-Fi for $114, it looks like 2011 is shaping up to be the year of the $99 e-reader.

nooks on sale at best buy

Finding which of the best Kindles and e-readers is right for you shouldn't be too tough. But Amazon had to complicate things. It now sells three Paperwhite Kindles and two other models, plus kid versions of the regular Kindle and the Paperwhite. What once was simple as reading a page-turner is now not so easy. And some news about the Kindle app experience on Android will make buying a physical Kindle all the more important to some.

We've reviewed all the major Kindles and e-readers for years, and our favorite e-reader and best Kindle overall is the basic Kindle Paperwhite. Truly the ideal model for most, it has a bigger and better display than before, plus USB-C charging and longer battery life. But what if you want physical buttons, or don't want to spend over $100? Read on for our expert guide to the best Kindles on the market.

If you want something to read on your new Kindle, check out our tips for how to get free ebooks. And if you absolutely, positively have to start reading right now (or just want an option to keep reading while your e-reader is charging) we've curated the best e-book reader apps for those who want to read on a smartphone or tablet.

The Oasis's curved back and physical buttons give you an easier way to get a grip and a way to read your book without tapping the screen. While the Oasis is the best Kindle for those who can splurge, we just wish it didn't cost nearly twice as much as the Kindle Paperwhite. It's the Kindle with more effort put into its design, losing the simple and utilitarian aesthetic of the regular Kindle and the Paperwhite.

Amazon doesn't run the whole e-reader world, so we occasionally test competitors' e-readers. And while the Nook Glowlight 4 isn't better than any Kindle, it's got minor tweaks and updates that give us reason to give it some attention here. One of its best features is it's no-fuss reading interface, which gets out of your way when it's time to read (Amazon could do this, and we wish it would).

That said, for a $140 e-reader, it's lacking waterproofing, which the Paperwhite offers. Oh, and loading up library books, proved to be a frustrating process. But for the reader who doesn't want to use an Amazon-made device? The Glowlight 4 may be the best Kindle alternative for them. We're looking into testing more competitors to find them a better option.

We've also tried alternatives to the Kindle, such as the Kobo Nia. While it's not one of our best picks, its interface is great for those who want to stay focused on books, and isn't as focused on supplementary content as Amazon's Kindles are.

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The enormous 10.2-inch screen is ideal for taking notes, marking up PDFs, or doodling and there are numerous paper formats you can choose like college-ruled or dotted. The screen size does make reading easy too, especially if you need to increase the font size, but it takes away some of its portability if you prefer to keep an e-reader in your pocket or small purse. There are 16-, 32-, and 64-gigabyte options. Weirdly, it's not waterproof like the other pricier Kindles. We've tried other e-ink tablets for writing on, too, but this is probably the best (and cheapest) option.

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