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Eric Donaldson-Give Me Some Lovi

The topic at hand is the truth, and not some esoteric notion to be debated in a college philosophy seminar. This is a truth so urgent, so important, so obvious, that attempts to undermine it would be laughable if they weren\u2019t so dangerous. So here it is.

Eric Donaldson-Give Me Some Lovi

It brings me no joy in saying that one of the factors that is exacerbating this dangerous era in our national history is a Washington press corps that is struggling to make sense of a disorienting landscape. The bedrock of American democracy, for better and worse, has been a stable two party system \u2014 with some notable moments of exception. The press is used to two opposing forces waging battle over policy. At least nominally. Now the no man\u2019s land between Republicans and Democrats is over a belief in democracy itself and not things like taxes or foreign policy.

I want to end with a note of some optimism. I believe the Big Lie is so ludicrous and outrageous that it can be made to collapse under the weight of its own perfidy. If it is put into the proper spotlight, if it becomes so radioactive that big business, the press, and the public at large refuse to bestow any legitimacy to those who traffic in it, then it can and will be defeated. American democracy might even emerge stronger in its wake. That will take perseverance, stamina, and yes, remaining steady.

Craig Goldstein: Morgan is intriguing, and they're doing the same thing with Isiah Kiner-Falefa, I believe. It seems like there's the potential to generate something useful out of a guy with those skills, but Austin Barnes is kinda the posterboy for that and so far we've seen him be used as a generic backup catcher...sooo...yeah

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